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Re: [Support] Does anyone on here know how to watch tv with vlc?

I guess the command line you have posted opens an analog tv tuner to watch a specific channel. I was under impression analogue broadcasts are no longer available in the US and all is DVB-T/S/C based.
Newertheless here is a link to the linux tv wiki on VLC.
From there you can read on and try to go the path what is more appropriate for you and your region.

If you have got DVB device you may chose the different setup if you like.
Here is how I am doing it including some bits and pieces you are not asking about currently: https://plus.google.com/112635519863097306017/posts/WnrgmnjioJs



On 14.06.2013 03:26, Doug Smith wrote:
I need a little help here.  Even though I continue googling for the solution, I wonder if anyone on any of the lists which will receive this message
will know how to convert this to vlc rather than mplayer

mplayer -tv norm=ntsc:chanlist=us-cable:channel=3:alsa=1:adevice=hw.1:immediatemode=0:amode=1 tv://

I am trying to write a script that will trigger off vlc with the right settings to allow me to watch tv with it and I haven't really found anything
about how to do this from the command line, much less, from a script.  If I can learn how to do it on the command line, I can write the needed script.


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