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Accessible installer for kfreebsd-amd64?


does anybody know if the installation of a debian/kfreebsd64-system is (or
can be made) accessible with a braille-display?

I'm planning to install a kfreebsd-amd64-system on my file-server and (of
course) first wanted to try it on a virtual machine - which didn't work out.

I'm using a Freedomscientific-braille-device and debian squeeze on the host

So I tried:

kvm -hda hda.img -cdrom netinst-image.iso -boot d -curses -usb braille

The result was only a message telling "640 x 480 Graphics mode". 
So I pressed the Escape-key in order to get a readable boot prompt. Nothing
changed. So I tried typing blindly: install fb=false brltty=bm,,de -
changing nothing.

Before trying kfreebsd, I tested a similar installation with a
linux-amd64-netinst-image without the -usb braille -option successfully.

Have I missed something or is kfreebsd just inaccessible at all? I couldn't
find anything on the subject...

Best regards,

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