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Re: Screen off/blanking

Daniel Dalton <d.dalton@iinet.net.au> wrote:
> I looked at the debian wiki and use the script provided to turn off the
> screen in the GUI and the setterm command to do it for the console. 
> However I still have some problems. 
> 1. How to turn back on the screen (for both methods)? This might be
> required on the fly when someone needs to see what I'm doing. 

setterm -blank poke
should do this for the console, according to the manual page. I don't know
about X in this regard.
> 3. I no setterm appears to be useless under a screen session. Does this
> mean I'll just have to open another virtual console or drop out from the
> screen session to toggle the screen on and off if I need too? 

When you're in a screen session, you're using a psudo-TTY. Setterm requires a
real virtual console to set. You could try redirecting its output with the >
operator to the virtual console, e.g., /dev/tty1.

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