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Accessibility topic of LSM 2013

                 14th Libre Software Meeting
                      July 6-11, 2013
                     Brussels, BELGIUM
              Call For Papers and Participation
           limited on health & accessibility topic
     [we apologize for duplicate receipt of this message]
         Last call before deadline : march *31st* 2013

Sharing of knowledge, freedom of information, community spirit,
exchange of ideas, technological progress: every year the Libre
Software Meeting (LSM) follows the Libre philosophy.

RMLL/LSM are non-commercial series of conferences, round tables
discussions and practical workshops based on Libre/Free Software and
its uses. Its aim is to provide a platform for Libre/Free Software
users, developers and stakeholders.

Access to LSM is free of charge and open to everyone. The conference
will be held in Brussels from July 6 to July 11, 2013.

We hereby announce the opportunity to submit papers for selection by
the technical review committee for the RMLL/LSM 2013.

Each year the accessibility, autonomy and dependency management
workshop is held as part of this broader meeting.

The LSM committee aims to disseminate and improve Libre projects
in the health and accessibility domains through this workshop. To
better target the various exchanges that will be taking place, the
programme committee of the health & accessibility workshop proposes
several kinds of meetings:

- "Solution" meetings, with conferences  and round tables to present
solutions dedicated to previous areas.

- "State of the art" conferences between practitioners, developers,
scientists and users to discuss about what exists according to the
specific needs of users, what works well or a little less well,
to talk about approaches...

- "Technical" presentations between developers and scientists. This
will allow initiation of exchanges between communities that do not
necessarily have the opportunity to meet and will maybe lead to new
collaborations or projects.

Finally, a workshop area will be available to try out and exchange
tools presented by their authors or by seasoned users of those

... Information on health workshops from previous annual meetings
are available on :
- http://schedule2012.rmll.info/-Accessibilite-autonomie-et-gestion-de-la-dependance-
You will be able to attend conferences  on other related issues
such as "System Administration" (like Nagios, GLPI, Cfengine,
...), "Development" (like NoSQL, Lucene, GCC, ...), "Law" (like
Licenses,OpenData, FSF, ...), "Internet" (WebGL, Jabber, Typo3, ...),
... All previous conferences are available on :
- http://schedule2012.rmll.info/

This year, LSM will have as guiding thread "Everyday Freedom", which
can be particularly suited to the accessibility topic :)

If you are interested to participate, please submit your presentation

Please feel free to share this information with others people who
may be interested. We welcome your participation and input and look
forward for a valuable meeting. 

Deadlines =========

The following dates are important if you wish to participate to the
call for papers.

Abstract submission: no later than 31st of March 2013

Notification date: 15th of April 2013

Submission guidelines ====================

Speakers should submit an abstract in English, French or Dutch;
limited to 400 words; and in 2 languages if possible.

The program committee will review all papers and the author of each
paper will be notified of the result by electronic means. If accepted,
this abstract will be published on the website.

Submissions should be submitted via this form:

Submissions should also include the following:
  * Contact information and Geographical location of presenter
  (country of origin/passport).
  * A brief biography.
  * Any significant presentation and/or educational
  * For technical topics: Reason why this material is innovative,
  significant or an useful tutorial.
  * Optionally, any outlines or samples of prepared materials.
  * Information whether the submission has already been presented,
  and if so, where.

Personal information will be used exclusively for the sole purpose
of the RMLL/LSM committee and shall not be shared with third parties.

If the paper is not accepted for the main session, it may be accepted
for a short-form or "lightning talk" session.

Travel Assistance ====================

Non-commercial and based upon volunteer work, RMLL/LSM are events with
limited resources. However, speakers who exhibit particular need may
receive a refund for their transportation charges at the discretion
of the selection committee. If you know the estimated cost of the
transportation, providing this will make it easier for us to obtain
a clearer view of the expenses that will be incurred.

Publication on the web site ======================

The abstracts and slides for the conference will be published on
the event web site. The files should use only open formats and the
contents shall be shared under a free license.

Sponsoring ==========

If you wish to support the initiative and gain visibility by sponsoring
this event, please contact us by sending an e-mail to

Professionals, organisations and companies wishing to financially
support the RMLL/LSM can find more information on the website:

Web site =================

Event web site : http://2013.rmll.info/

CfP website : http://2013.rmll.info/cfp

Best regards,
Programme Commitee of the LSM 2013 health/accessibility topic

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