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I am just writing to introduce myself to the debian-accessibility mailing list.

One of my challenges is helping people who have little or no
functionality of their arms and legs and instead rely on using a
single switch (button) to access the computer.  Although solutions
exist for these folks, the costs are usually astronomical, and
completely out of reach for the people I am trying to help.

My goal is to assemble old computers I have been collecting into
machines these folks can use at home for free so that they can at
least access information and communicate with others independently in
their homes.

A number of awesome tools already exist, especially with GOK, but I
could really use some help with customizing some of the features or
better understanding their implementation.

Aside from what I need help with however, I want to help the rest of
the people working on Debian Accessibility.

I have a good understanding of how to use and set up computers for
accessibility on many platforms including Debian.  Although I have
little understanding about programming, I have much experience with
working with people of all types of disabilities and have a decent
understanding of their needs.

I also see most of the people I help on a daily basis and they are
always willing to give feedback about solutions I have found for them.

Please let me know how I can help, and maybe get some help for my folks.

Thank you,

William D. Best

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