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Re: pcspkr and snd-pcsp fighting

Ben Hutchings wrote:

> I agree, and I think we have two options:
> 1. Blacklist in udev rather than alsa-base.  This is already done for
> the framebuffer drivers in /etc/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf, which
> conflict with KMS and X drivers.
> 2. Remove the module alias from snd-pcsp.  This is already done for
> certain obscure network protocols which would otherwise be loaded on
> demand by any local user.
> I prefer option 2, since option 1 would make it difficult to switch the
> preferred driver in the linux package later.

Option 2 sounds reasonable.  Actually yet another option sounds

3. Stop building snd-pcsp.

Would that hurt accessibility?

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