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Re: Bug#697326: ITP: fonts-opendyslexia -- font designed to increase readability for readers with dyslexia

Tanguy Ortolo, le Wed 16 Jan 2013 01:01:01 +0100, a écrit :
> FYI, I have prepared an initial package, which I still have to double-check
> before uploading it. If anyone wants to check it:
>     http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-a11y/opendyslexic.git
>     git://git.debian.org/pkg-a11y/opendyslexic

Mmm, shouldn't we ship the .ttf files too, for applications which don't
support .otf?

We may also wish to create a -udeb package, for inclusion in the Debian
installer, do you think it would be worth it?


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