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Bug#697350: Patch for the problem

Hi Samuel and Jos,

On 04-01-13 17:46, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Indeed.  Could you try the attached patch instead?  It'll still be a
> fixed string length, but at least it will be the currently-allowed
> maximum.

Samuel, the response that I got from Jos, is that we will get a new
version of ebook-speaker soon, where this problem was mitigated already.

Judging from your severity setting, you think this bug is serious enough
to request a freeze exception for the patch, right? Can you elaborate a
bit [1]? We did not get a response from Thomas yet, but I propose that I
create a new upload of ebook-speaker with the patch.

Jos, can you please comment on the patch created by Samuel in the
previous e-mail? Do you agree?


[1] Wanted for the request to the Release Team. Maybe you agree with my
justification: users have to get used to synthetic voices, so they want
to use their own default. This bug limits the amount of usable voices.

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