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Bug#691718: AT-spi upgrade breaks Gnome-shell accessibility

Package: libatk-adaptor
Version: 2.5.3-3
Priority: important

I am running Sid with everything up to date, including atk-adaptor 2.5.3-3.

Upon starting a Gnome session, I am unable to access gnome-shell and the
following error messages appear in ~/.xsession-errors:

** (gnome-shell:20547): WARNING **: Accessibility: org.a11y.atspi schema not found. Are you sure that at-spi or at-spi2 is installed on your system?

** (gnome-shell:20547): WARNING **: Accessibility: invalid module path (NULL)

** (gnome-shell:20547): WARNING **: Accessibility: error loading the atk-bridge. Although the accessibility on the system is enabled and clutter accessibility is also enabled, accessibility support on GNOME She
ll will not work

According to the changelog, the schema was removed as redundant in
the latest at-spi upload, but Gnome-shell is evidently still looking for it,
not finding it and therefore not loading the ATK bridge.

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