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Debian Wheezy / sound problems after upgrade


some of those issues aren't related to a11y, some are, so I describe the entire
problem. After the upgrade, pulse seems to be the default for gnome. The problem
is that I now cannot use BRLTTY and Orca and the same time, either I switch of
the auto-say function of BRLTTY or I kill Orca+speech-dispatcher+pulseaudio.
Both cannot run. Is there already a suggested solution?
Furthermore, the mixing capabilities of ALSA are gone, I cannot play sounds
simultaneously with BRLTTY speaking, Pulseaudio is also restarted over and over
again (with no X).

I'm running a custom kernel, 3.4.4 and everything was fine before the upgrade,
after the upgrade, with the same kernel, the problems about arise. I even cannot
control the loudness, all controls, except for Master and Capture are gone.

Thanks for hints
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