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Re: Bug#683230: gnome-settings-daemon: Problem it Universal Access tab


To have orca as automatic started application at the gnome starting, I
don't find any solution via the GUI. So I did the cp suggested, and I
realised that ~/.config/autostart doesn't exist by default and needs to
be created by hand. Once done, indeed, it works and bug has a

If no satisfying fix is found, I suggest someone to document this method
on wiki.debian.org/accessibility. According to my bug reports evolution,
I'll document all bugs workarounds there. At least to give to users
(advanced) some minimal doc. For some beginners, I think I'll suggest
MATE waiting for gnome3 to work fine, in wheezy+1. But... we are not
arrived at this step I hope to avoid, even if I prepare it to be safe.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

Le lundi 30 juillet 2012 à 15:08 +1000, Jason White a écrit :
> Do you still experience the bug if you load Gnome-shell rather than fallback
> mode?
> I'm not experiencing it, but I am loading Orca as an autostart application and
> I am using Gnome-shell, not fallback.
> You could also try loading Orca as an autostart application just to see if
> that makes a difference.
> This testing should identify more precisely the circumstances in which you
> encounter the bug.

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