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Orca and setting keyboard shortcuts


To be efficient, here's immediately an example of the situation. Let's
suppose I want orca+f12 say the clock, and orca+f12 (double) says the
date. I start with setting the clock: orca+F12. Then, if I do, at date
option, orca+F12+F12, I get F12 only.

If I do Orca+F12 (double) (date), then orca+F12 (clock), so in the
opposite sense, it works.

Am I alone to experience the 1st behavior? I consider that's a bug. I
would say it's normal, not serious as others, as orca stays usable while
some twicks, but it's a bug if you confirm.

Thanks for your answer. I ask here before not to pollute the BTS.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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