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Saving power on a laptop by turning off display backlight completely


The subject says it all.  As a blind user, I like to turn off the
backlight of my monitor to save power.  This can save up to 30% of
battery lifetime, which is a quite significant number.  However, it
appears that I have to figure out how to do this on every new laptop I
get (agreed, thats not that often, but still).  I wonder if we should
make an effort to collect know-how like this in some script which would
make it easier for some of us at least on commonly-known models.

To that end, I have started to write such a script for my current laptop
model, a MacBooAir4,1.

If you do something similar, maybe we could join forces to get at least
something that works on a few model/brands out of the box.
Detecting brands/models seems possible through certain files in /sys
these days.

If you have found out how to turn display (and possibly even keyboard)
backlight off on your model, consider letting me know how you do it
exactly.  I know that there are certain tools for X11 to do this
generically, but this is not as interesting to some of us as a generic,
console-compatible solution would be methinks.
If we can work out how to detect your brand of laptop automatically I
would be happy to integrate whatever needs to be done for your laptop
into the script I am currently developing.

P.S.: This is not only a power-save feature but actually also a
security-feature.  It nicely prevents someone sneaking up on you and
reading stuff off your monitor while you are not noticing.

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