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Debian Installation Alpha 1 AMD64 netinst ISO installation report

Hello list members,
I just downloaded the recent Debian Alpha installer and software speech worked very well. Note that I installed Debian within a virtual machine. When I rebooted the VM, and tried to install some packages (gnome-desktop-environment) to try out Gnome Shell, aptitude offerred to remove alsa and alsa-base. Apparently it did, because at the next reboot, I was left with no speech. This is not related to the installer, which worked very well. I would call this an RC bug. Hae anyone of you experienced this problem? Also, I wanted to let you know that their were alsa-related errors related to the PCM device, but didn't really affect anything, because I was able to get to the login prompt just fine. Their were also errors related to consolekit and the keymap.
--Erik W. Heil <eheil1@gmail.com

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