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Bug#667616: brltty greedily grabs serial ports, ftdi_sio loses connection

Arthur Magill <arthur.magill@epfl.ch> writes:

> Hi Samuel,
>>> Can brltty be convinced not to grab this connection?
>> It could, but we don't want to, as it would break brltty for people who
>> use the braille devices with chips using that ID, making the computer
>> completely unusable for them, really not a good thing.
> True. But as it stands, it makes all FTDI based serial devices
> unusable, except braille devices. This doesn't seem great
> either.

I agree.

> There must be a way to further differentiate these devices? Or is this
> intended to catch older braille devices being used via an RS232<->USB
> adapter?

No.  Its actually a genuine fuckup of the manufacturer for this
particular braille display.  They simply put an FTDI chip in for
providing their USB connectivity, but totally neglected to do any
branding. :(

>> How brltty ended up being installed on your system?  Was it brought
>> through some dependency?
> That's a good question. I never explicitly asked for it, so I assumed
> it came as part of the standard installation?

Either way, we actually aim for brltty being installable per default in
the long run, so we need to resolve this in some way.

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