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espeakup amd iso image install problems

1) even with expert typed on boot prompt when errors happen on disk drive 
detection it's impossible to break out of dialog and get to menu 
interface.  That's why no debug log will be produced.
2) Sata drives are not detected and computer does much banging as it fails 
to detect an already running drive.
3) you get the opportunity to select a driver for your drive and continue 
without a drive or undo partitions on drive in this process too.
4) Although I typed in expert at the boot prompt, I have no way of knowing 
that this is the mode the system had me doing the install for actual 

Only thing I'm going to try next is to install the i386 on that amd 
athelon k8 machine not because I expect it to work, I just want to find 
out what else breaks and how it breaks.  Slackware 13.00 this time had no 
problem detecting and partitioning that sata drive either.  Again image 
for espeakup was downloaded using aria2c -V 
http://people.debian.org/~sthibault/espeakup/espeakup-squeeze-amd64.iso so 
I'm pretty certain of its integrity.  If anyone else did a successful 
install on a sata disk using this image then would it be possible to maybe 
get an md5 and an asc file available on the site so images can be checked 
after download for integrity because aria2c -V apparently is missing 
something in its work.

---------------------------------------------------------------- Jude 

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