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Re: Bug#649503: Fw: Bug#649503: Please package last version and upload it to unstable

Laurent Bigonville <bigon@debian.org> wrote:
> Yes, some of them are.  The real issue with users of accessibility is
> the loss of access to the desktop caused by the change to at-spi2.  At
> this point, the next release of Debian will be less accessible than the
> current release.  As someone who depends on gnome accessibility, it's
> hard to support something that will take away my access to the system.
> To be fair, at-spi2 isn't the only thing that has broken gnome access.
> Pulseaudio is another example of an app that breaks my access to the
> text console.  I have to remove it which results in a broken gnome.
> There is still no definite date when gnome 3.x will return to the level
> of access available in gnome 2.32. Posts on the
> gnome-accessibility-devel list suggest it could be more than another
> year before things improve.

Currently, gnome-desktop-environment 3.0 is in Debian Sid. I'm sure that
Debian won't be going back to Gnome 2.x, since it is no longer maintained
upstream, so the only solution is to move forward to Gnome 3.2, and that
entails upgrading to AT-SPI 2.

Those who are running Sid and need access will have to work out a solution
that works for us. At the moment, I'm not upgrading Gnome-related packages,
but that won't be feasible over the long term. XFCE could be an option with
Orca soon, and if that's the case it's probably where I'll be heading for the
limited applications that I need under X. Any alternative suggestions are
welcome, of course.

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