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Bug#645594: This is not a bug, it's a feature!


Il Dom, 13 Novembre 2011 1:53 pm, Alexis Huxley ha scritto:
> It seems to me that bodrato's argument for not changing the code
> depends on whether one thinks that seconds are important or not. If
> seconds are important then maybe flite should be telling us what they
> are!

When you say "quarter past eight", seconds are not important.
But when you express a measure, the concept of error is important. Unless
explicitly expressed, the error in a measure is "plus or minus" a given
symmetric range.

> If bodrato still thinks then code should not be changed, then please
> feel free to close my bug report; it's not a big issue, and in all
> other respects I'm very impressed with flite. Thanks.

I just think that the current behaviour was not a bug, but was
deliberately intended. Moreover, in my opinion, it is correct. A good
compromise can be to mention it on the man page, so that surprised users
can find it explained.
The command:
flite_time $(date +%H:%M)
will say "exactly" during both the full minute before and the full minute
after the "exact" time.



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