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Re: RFS: libbrailleutils-java


Sebastian Humenda, le Sat 27 Aug 2011 20:34:46 +0200, a écrit :
> The package can be found on crustulus.de:
> Git:
>   http://crustulus.de/brailleutils.git
> The whole set of files:
>   http://crustulus.de/libbrailleutils-java_1.2~b-1_all.deb
>   http://crustulus.de/libbrailleutils-java_1.2~b-1.debian.tar.gz

- You should use the upstream name brailleutils for the source package
- In debian/rules, you should probably put the git tag name in a variable,
  along SRC_VERSION.
- you can put the orig tarball in ../, I don't see when you wouldn't
  want it to be the case :)
- debian/copyright's download url should be updated. Maybe you should
  just point at the main website to save having to update it.
- debian/copyright does not seem up to date concerning copyright notices
  and licences: holder is now simply the consortium apparently.
- AIUI, java documentation is usually in a separate libfoo-java-doc
  package, to save room when somebody just pulls the library as a
- You should put your git repository url in debian/control

On the longer run (i.e. not needed for a first upload):

- you should tell upstream to put a README file in their source archive,
  to save you the maintenance of its content in README.Debian.
- you should check the java packaging policy for the rules to ease
  classpath management.

Apart from that, it looks good, thanks for your work!


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