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Re: Sponsor for accessibility packages


Here's the current situation for the 3 packages I would like to maintain.

speechd-up and speakup-tools:

You can download them now via dget on:

I wait for sponsoring. Yes they're git releases, but stable ones are too old and some important evolutions have to be shipped (for speakup-tools they're evolutions from speakup itself, for speechd-up the latest stable is deprecated).


You can download it on:

I actually found the maintainer: Mario Lang. He told me, on #debian-a11y, he's happy if I can take this package and he should have orphaned it. He didn't know exactly what to do now and suggested me to add myself to uploaders in debian/control. Actually we thought another maintainer was maintaining the package as he added himself to uploaders, but he disappeared. And there was a thread to ask for update edbrowse. So do I follow Mario's advice, or do mentors prefer a NMU? If NMU, how should I do technically?

Thanks for your support.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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