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Re: Sponsor for accessibility packages


Le samedi 13 août 2011 à 23:05 +0200, Kilian Krause a écrit :
> Hi Jean-Philippe,
> On Tue, Aug 09, 2011 at 02:22:48AM +0200, Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:
> > Actually I uploaded on http://demo.accelibreinfo.eu a edbrowse.tar.bz2
> > which contains the whole package: .dsc, .orig, .debian.tar.gz, etc.
> > You'll have the same things (a .dsc, a .orig.tar.gz, a .debian.tar.gz)
> > in speechd-up2.tar.gz and speakup-tools.tar.gz for these packages.
> > Sorry, I didn't put .dsc directly because I have bad conditions now to
> > connect to the Internet. Besides it would create some mess on the
> > repository I think.
> Thanks for working on the package. I've just had a look at your edbrowse
> package. This looks very intrusive for an NMU. IMHO too much intrusive. Is
> there any public discussion with the current maintainer? What does he think
> about this?

The current maintainer doesn't say anything. He's not said anything for a very long time. You can see:

He didn't react to this bug: 

bug reported on 2010, without any answer. I answered on 2011, July, no answer. Actually I'm alone to make this bug live, so I tend to think the maintainer has disappeared as he must have been notified of all these messages (from BTS and from the mailing list). Moreover there was a request from an user, twice.

> For future posts to this list I'd recommend putting the source upload
> directly available either on mentors.debian.net or on your own web server.
> The wrapped up tar.bz2 including source and binary is not very handy to
> review.

ah ok sorry. I couldn't understand well how to use mentors.debian.net, and I've problems to set and test the right permissions on my server when I do subdirectories. Would you have some full doc about mentors.debian.net? I mean: I've an account on alioth, should I create one on mentors.debian.net? Then uploading?

> Anyway, if an NMU would be required, please post the statement of the
> current maintainer to go ahead and keep changes minimal. Or become new
> uploader of the package and comment more verbose all the different changes
> you introduce.

To be honest I don't know real changes. I only update the package following what does upstream. I can show the changelog of source, but I don't know exactly what is done in the code as my skills in programming are very low. I know to package, but not very much more about programming, especially C. I can become new uploader but I guess there's a process. And I upgrade from a deprecated release to the last one, it implies to upgrade from a stable to a 2-releases newer release.

> N.b. if you're NMUing you should not use the regular -1 version suffix.

I've not exactly understood this process too. Yes I do a NMU. But I don't know very good if I have to tell this in a more official way, how, ... I thought it was explicit via my changelog.debian and the bug I refer to. And the doc I found about NMU didn't say any specific tools or way to use the BTS to announce a NMU.

> Thanks!

Thanks for all your explanations and sorry but... I have some problems to understand the processes to become maintainer of this package, with all the rules. Thanks for your future explanations.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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