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Re: Speakup bug

Jason White wrote:
> Note that Speakup is technically in the "staging" area of the kernel,
> where modules that are known not to meet the standards of quality
> required for full inclusion are developed until they are ready.

Are staging modules frozen under the same rules as the rest of stable ?

> My understanding is that anyone who uses a "staging" module accepts
> the risk of crashes and other potentially undesirable consequences.

Fine; in my case at least there is no damage.
Perhaps then the "staging" status of a module could
be displayed e.g. in  aptitude show modulename  ?
Then the word "accepts" becomes more convincing.

> I would suggest working with Speakup upstream to get the bug
> fixed and to help Speakup on its way toward a state at which,
> eventually, it can move out of staging.

Agreed.  It's the developers that have to write the code.
I think that's why the original discussion took place on the
speakup mailing list.

Thanks for your help, 
Peter Billam

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