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Re: edbrowse


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL, le Sat 23 Jul 2011 06:54:59 +0200, a écrit :
> But I've a problem doing dpkg-buildpackage. Here's attached the log, and
> the rules file. this file is similar as the original one in edbrowse
> 3.4.1. I attach also rulejp, which is my rules file, I changed. But I
> got a similar error with the ipsas.h (in /usr/include/mozjs).

I can't check it now with my crappy connection, but I guess it is
#631027. You'll probably also have to fix fix #554316 by adding -l
flags. Also, please try to reproduce #506613 and #570054 and close them
if they're fixed by the new release. If not, forward upstream.

> So do I have to patch makefile directly? or does debhelper have
> solutions for such problem?


> 	dh_auto_build -- -I/usr/include/mozjs -DXP_UNIX

This should rather be 

dh_auto_build -- CFLAGS="-I/usr/include/mozjs -DXP_UNIX" LIBS="-lpcre -lssl -lmozjs -lcurl" LFLAGS="" edbrowse

What is after -- is what is passed to the make command, so you need to
do the same as before.

> 	# minor fix required for upstream man page
> 	sed -e's;^\.\.\(.\);.\1;' -e's;^ \.;.;' < doc/man-edbrowse-debian.1 > debian/edbrowse.1

Also run this after dh_auto_build in the override_dh_auto_build rule.

> 	rm -f debian/edbrowse.1

And thus add this to the cleaning step.

> 	dh_installman --language=C debian/edbrowse.1

And replace this by adding debian/edbrowse.1 to debian/manpages

> 	dh_installchangelogs -k CHANGES 

And keep this by using an override rule.


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