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Re: Patch to espeakup

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <mengualjeanphi@free.fr> writes:

> In order to be relevant with speechd-up, I propose a patch to make
> espeakup load the speakup_soft module, display a message to explain the
> situation to the user. At the stop time, the daemon unloads
> speakup_modules too.

+    echo "To work, speechd-up needs speakup and speakup_soft modules."
+    echo "They are loaded automatically. If you don't want, type"
+    echo "rmmod speakup speakup_soft"

Hmm, while I am not a speakup user and definitely am ignorant
about a few details about it, I wouldn't do it like this.
You are hardcoding behaviour, and then informing the user what they need
to do to revert it if they need to.  Thats pretty anoying methinks.

I think a much better way would be to allow the user to configure
the behaviour in /etc/default/SOMEFILE.

Something like


This way, the user can easily change the module loading behaviour if
they want to.

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