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you'll find a new Debian package, with all needed. I would like to add
it to Debian. Could someone sponsor it? Here it works fine. It runs a
daemon, it has a doc (README I changed to add useful info for user), it
loads 2 kernel modules and explains how the user can unload them, etc.

I made it on sid, and I can maintain it (note it's not maintained
anymore upstream, but it's the alone way to have ibmtts with speakup and
speech-dispatcher, in particular on amd64 systems). 

Finally, note that's an ubuntu package base I debianized to be cleaner
(in copyright, rules, etc.). 

Thanks for the sponsoring. I wait for feedbacks.

NOTE: I've sent a mail with the file attached this morning, it may arrive here later. It would be the same .tar.gz as this on the server accelibreinfo.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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