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Re: feedback regarding a11y in squeeze

Le mercredi 06 juillet 2011 à 23:10 +0200, Halim Sahin a écrit :
> Hi List,
> 1. It doesn't contain a stable audio driver except pulseaudio.
> This is realy bad if a user want's to use a consolescreenreader.
> Running Pulseaudio in system-wide-mode is not recommended by it's
> developers.

Debian works fine with alsa. You can remove pulseaudio and use speech-dispatcher with alsa. For this, either you can purge pulseaudio after installing speech-dispatcher, or you can install the package speech-dispatcher individually, with dpkg. Finally, you have to change /etc/speech-dispatcher/speechd.conf and specify "alsa" instead of "pulseaudio".

> 2. libao support was not compiled in.
> And got other problems:
> The packaged python bindings for speechd-0.7.1 don't work correct with
> orca.
> Espeak changes it's pitch about every two or three words.
> This was really frustrating to find and to upgrade that bindings
> seperately.

Try alsa maybe.

> To prevent espeak from changing the pitch frequently I've upgraded the
> python bindings and used current git snapshot.
> Another problem was orca :-(.
> I couldn't use any messaging app which comes with squeeze.
> I tried pidgin, gajim and empathy.
> Orca was not able to read any of the chat windows :-(.
> So I've installed orca's x-desktop branch from git.
> Now it seems to work as expected.

What does orca says exactly when you arrive on chat windows? It should work normally.

In conclusion, maybe you could install reportbug, then run the software from your user account, then report some bugs for some applications. But you have to be precise describing what happens (for orca for example). Now it's interesting if you want to test and help debugging with your tests.


> Regards
> Halim
Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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