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request tips to make reading easier

gday list,

just added myself after a hint from bible maintainer in reply to my email to him.

problem is this i am trying to view bible output zommed in on konsole maximised.

i can zoom in with 6 ctrl+'s if gnome panels are rolled up before words become split across lines.

doing this fullscreen/without rolling up the panels leaves text too small or splits words.

i am wondering if there is a tool/package which might better format bible output for k/console/term use.

i did create 2 oneliners for easing my use of the package also namely

bin/bib which contains bible $1-rev99:99|less

and bin/bibspk which has bible $1-|festival --tts

i usually use these 2 together in tabs side by side to aid my reading of passages

welcome any/all feedback on my problem.



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