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Re: Software speech synthesis in d-i

Christian PERRIER, le Wed 11 May 2011 07:41:58 +0200, a écrit :
> > I've attached an example of what I plan to commit:
> That's an example, right? Only activating in amd64 GTK netboot is just
> because this is an example, I guess.

Yes. I plan to do the same for cdrom/hd-media too and on i386 too.

> > - Add sound modules and espeakup-udeb in addition to speakup modules.
> > - Add a menu entry which triggers that software speech synthesis
> >   support.
> > - Make the menu entry the last one so you can press End then Enter to
> >   start it.
> > - Make an 's' shortcut on it so you can press 's' then Enter to start it.
> The 's' shortcut is fine, imho.
> We could maybe improve the wording to make it clearer than "Speech
> install". Maybe "Install with ^speech synthesis"?

It does not fit the menu width, only "Install with speech synth" shows
up. "^Speech synthesis install" can fit.


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