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Re: a11y: some issues in squeeze

On Feb 25, 2011, at 4:47 PM, Milan Zamazal wrote:

> I've been constantly busy with other things preventing me to maintain
> speech-dispatcher Debian package properly.  So I'm going to pass
> speech-dispatcher maintenance on my colleague, I'll act as his sponsor.

Hello, my name is Boris Dušek and I will maintain the speech-dispatcher
package. My idea is, as Milan suggested to me, to upload new version of the
package to unstable that would include fix for #611711, then let the situation
"settle" a little bit by waiting for speech-dispatcher to propagate to testing,
fixing remaining bugs from Debian BTS in the meantime. IMHO only after such
stabilization it makes sense to provide speech-dispatcher to squeeze in some
way, either through backports, or through upload to squeeze directly (no idea
whether that is possible now that squeeze is released).

I am aiming at getting new version of speech-dispatcher to unstable by the end
of this week.

Best regards,
Boris Dušek

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