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Some issues with gnome-orca and Evolution


I've now installed Debian Squeeze on my laptop.
I write this message in Evolution, with orca running, and it works good.

But, I've discoverd som issues.
I resceive several messages which is signed with pgp.
In the bottom of the message body in those message, I see something
"Signature exist, but requires public key"
Ok, so I must get the key ID so I can sign it.
But I'm totaly unable to get it.

Under this sentence, there's a feald which I see as "unknown" on my
braille display.
Maby this is the id, shown in graphic?

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

By the way, is there a collection of scripts one can install, which is
not part of the gnome-orca package?

Regards, Martin

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