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RE: [orca-list] Bug in Orca with Debian

When I try it from experimental
It doesn't even show up for me 

I did 

Apt-get -t experimental install gnome-orca

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I used Debian lenny, and I installed unstable release of orca, i.e.
2.30.2-2. It worked perfectly.

Then I tried migrating to squeeze. I tried also on current testing (wheezy).
On squeeze, I tried current release, then I tried today newly committed in
experimental repository 2.91.6 release.

It doesn't work. Here are the details of the bug with debug files:

I would appreciate your help very much, as I cannot migrate to squeeze in
such conditions, and I cannot make users whose I advise migrating or
installing squeeze. And lenny will stay maintained only 1 year about.

Thanks very much,


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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