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Re: Could orca package be updated?


On 16/02/11 03:33, Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:
> On Lenny, I managed to update orca using sid package. As there're not
> too dependencies, I could install sid release of orca on a lenny system.
> But I would need today release 2.32 or 2.91, as I'd like a feature: hear
> the date and time. I know they appeared recently and I don't have other
> solution to have them, as I don't use speech-dispatcher.
> So is it possible to create, in experimental or sid, gnome-orca 2.91
> package? Or modifying current package with this feature (I couldn't do
> this having a look at the code and don't know and don't have enough time
> to make packages).

We will probably package orca 2.91 / 3.0 within the next two months, unless
something goes wrong (I'm not too aware of the at-spi2 transition and whether it
will affect orca 3.0).


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