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eGuideDog ?

Greetings.  eGuideDog  is Sourceforge's Project Of The Month:

    eGuideDog is February's POTM.
    We are proud to announce that eGuideDog is our POTM for February.
    The eGuideDog project develops free software for the blind.
    It includes a browser, a text-to-speech engine, screen reader
    and any other software that can help the blind to access
    digital information. They are making the world a better place,
    and we take our hats off to them! Give them a look at:

Cameron Wong, Kyle Wang and Silas Brown are the main people
involved.  Their stuff tends to run on windows NVDA, Linux,
and Android, and they're hoping to contribute to Vinux.

I hadn't come across eGuideDog before...
Regards,  Peter Billam

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