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Re: debian kfreebsd

Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> (06/02/2011):
> Serial installations might be possible, but debian-bsd people didn't
> take the time to update the installation guide in that regard, so
> you're pretty much on your own on this.

While I value your efforts trying to gather some documentation, and
while I can understand the resulting frustration, I'm a bit tired of
your basically calling GNU/kFreeBSD porters lazy.

There are not many of us, we also have other duties in Debian; also
it might just be that some guys taking care of some aspects of the
GNU/kFreeBSD (say: like trivial porting of leaf applications, or
buildd maintenance) have no clue about low-level stuff, especially
when it comes to the installation process.

Thanks for your understanding.


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