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Speech Dispatcher in Squeeze


I read the thread a few months back regarding Speech Dispatcher in Squeeze with little interest, as it did not concern me at the time.

But it does now.

I looked at the thread again and also looked at the bug relating to its not working by default due to no pulseaudio and also the need to set an environment variable so that spd-say will work.

I get all this and did get spd-say to talk.

Apart from the fact that I can't get the closed-source RSGames client to talk, a problem which is surely outside the scope of this list, I don't get the whole personal speech dispatcher thing. If speech-dispatcher is not meant to be run as a system-wide process, what loads it? Do I need to load it at start-up or will some hither-to unmentioned process launch it when it's needed?

Maybe it's due to the fact that it's 1am at time of writing but I don't really get this bit.


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