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Re: RFS: new package for speeding up speech

Thanks again, Etienne.  Now both the binary and source packages seem
to be lintian clean, even with --pedantic.

It turns out that I am losing central vision, which is why I volunteer
for Vinux, and this is also why I wrote libsonic and why I'm am making
it LGPL.  I listen to books, rather than read now days.  To be highly
productive, I need to listen at high speed, 3X speed up or more.
There are no audio book readers for Android which can play even 2X
with low distortion.  TTS engines with the ability to play at high
speed are rare.  I need devices to speak, and speak rapidly.  I feel
that getting sonic into Debian would go far in terms of spreading free
use of speech speed up technology capable of very high speeds.

A sample of what speech sounds like when sped up 2X by Sonic can be found here:

Original: http://vinux-project.org/Princess_original.flac
2X faster: http://vinux-project.org/Princess_2X.flac

Now that sonic is lintian clean, is it likely that sonic will attract
a DD sponsor?  Is there any further advice you can offer?  Thanks
again for all your help while I worked on the debian packaging.


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