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pam authentication issues still exist after new installation of debian squeeze using daily build of mini GTK iso image

Hi, The issues with installing pam and not having any authentication profiles selected still exist I ran the debian installer with low priority then after the base system was installed change the priority to low on the target system and when I tried to install X the issues I reported before with no pam profiles beeing selected came up again even when I had to restart the installation and just installed the standard system to hopefully avoid the pam profiles issue then ran tasksel to install X the issue comes up again and no matter what I check or uncheck I still get no pam profiles selected.  I think this is a major bug and should be addressed both in the installation and in tasksel after the installation as there is no way to leave the dialog with out rebooting as killing aptitude just leaves some lock file that is not deleted until the reboot.  Nick Gawronski

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