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Using Espeakup on something other than the default card


Just upgraded to Squeeze. I did this because I want to migrate over to software speech, as I can see that's the way forward, particularly if I want to use Gnome.

But I want to use it on a card other than my default card.

I would see switching to Espeakup as being a first step, but I can't see any way of getting it to operate on a different card.

My questions are:

1.  Am I right in this thinking?

2. If I am, which package should I file a bug against? This would really depend on whether it is Espeak or Espeakup that is playing the audio.

3.  Will Speech Dispatcher allow me to do this?

as a console user for 12 years, I'll have questions about getting Gnome and Orka running and getting it to play nice with Speakup, but I'll leave this for another thread.


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