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RFS: Sonic - a speech speed-up library for TTS engines and audio-books

I'm looking for a Debian sponsor who would be interested in sponsoring
a speech speed-up package I wrote, called sonic.

Sonic is an LGPL package for speeding up and slowing down speech.
While not the only one in the Debian archive, it is the only one that
has decent performance for speed ups of over 2X.  This is important
for the blind in text-to-speech and audio-book applications.  Sonic
has been incorporated in the most recent version of espeak, as well as
a Russian TTS, and Chaumont Devin's TTS engine.  It has also been used
to speed up Eloquence samples, and has enabled one blind listener to
achieve listening rates of around 1,500 words per minute, with fair
comprehension.  It is my hope that sonic will be used to enable high
quality high speed speech output on all major linux platforms, from
Debian to Android.

The source currently generates 3 packages:

- libsonic, the most important part, is the speech speech-change library
- libsonic-dev, just the header file for using libsonic
- sonic, a super-simple executable for changing the speed of wav files

Source for sonic can be obtained from git with:

$ git clone git://vinux-project.org/sonic

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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