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Bug#603897: speech-dispatcher w/ flite not working

reassign 603897 speech-dispatcher


Nerius Landys, le Wed 17 Nov 2010 23:27:31 -0800, a écrit :
> VAL: tried to access cart in -1 type val

Indeed, it seems the flite-1.4-fix.patch patch in speech-dispatcher was
added a bit too fast without real testing.  Author (Cced) said

"flite-1.4 now uses new_voice() instead of register_cmu_us_kal()."

But new_voice() is far from enough to get a voice working, as it won't
actually load any voice...

What is rather missing is just -lflite_cmu_us_kal to get the proper
register_cmu_us_kal symbol.  The automake magic indeed doesn't seem to
be taking sd_flite_LDADD into account at all, I don't know why, but
that's where the bug actually lies.

Actually it should even be -lflite_cmu_us_kal16 and get the
register_cmu_us_kal16 symbol, but configure.in is looking for
register_cmu_us_kal in -lflite_cmu_us_kal16.  That's an upstream bug.


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