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Circumvent gksu problem


I have read that orca has a problem with gksu which prevents it from
working. Indeed, orca freezes when an application is opened under a gksu
session. I found a way, or I read a way, to circumvent this issue:
running sudo thet typing the name of admin application by hand. But it's
not convinient for everybody as it's necessary to identify the name of
the application then using terminal.

So my question: for instance, when I want to run Application ->
Accessories -> Root terminal, Or if I run system -> Administration ->
Date and time (or manage users), Gnome runs gksu by default. Do you
think it's possible to ask gnome run by default running sudo? With this,
sudo would run, then application would run properly once logged in as
root. I tried sudo mode in gconf-editor (gksu) but no success.

Thanks for any suggestions. While I use terminal, I think some users
could be interested in this hint.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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