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Re: Bug#595292: ITP: daisy-player -- player for Daisy talking books (DTB)

Hi Kenny and others,

On 09/02/10 22:23, Kenny Hitt wrote:
> Hi.  One important piece of info missing from the description is the version of the
> daisy standard supported by this app.  In the United States, most daisy books use version 3.  All the players I've
> found for Linux only support daisy 2.0.  Is this also the case for this app?

Is there a way to provide upstream with some version 3 daisy books?
Apparently in NL all books are version 2.02. So we are just not sure
whether daisy-player supports version 3 (likely not). Upstream is very
responsive concerning other issues. So if he can test, he is probably
willing to incorporate version 3 support.

Kind regards

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