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Bug#599197: gnome-orca: Bad display of orca's preferences menu


On 05/10/10 16:41, jp wrote:
> In Preferences menu of orca, first we don't see all tabs (i.e. we
> don't see 2 first and then, typing twice on left arrow key, we read
> "Braille"). When we're on the 2 first tabs, the braille display stays
> empty whereas it should display General and Speech. Then, when we move
> in each tab, all the contents of the checkboxes is not displayed. Often,
> we read that we're on a checkbox but we don't know its content.

Can you attach a screenshot? it looks alright here.

> I'm sure now it is not due to my config, I have a fully ordinary sid distro. Same problem in testing. (with lenny ok, it wasn't perfect).

Have you tried with a new user?


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