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Bug#598906: Ask if brltty should start at boot after install?

tags 598906 + wontfix

Odd Martin Baanrud, le Sun 03 Oct 2010 05:01:18 +0200, a écrit :
> When running DI with brltty or while reconfiguring the brltty package with dpkg-reconfigure, what if one could be asked if it should start on boot or not?
> For example, if one only needs it for installing Debian on a machine, and not require it to run durring use of the machine, I see it usefull to have the posibillity to disable brltty durring the package configuration.

Well, asking questions that by far most people will always answer the
default is not very productive for d-i, the debian-boot team has always
been working at getting rid of them.  Isn't using update-rc.d enough for
your use-case?


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