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Re: Software vs hardware Synthasizers

Hi. A hardware synth is only useful if you plan to run speakup.  If you want
to install without help, you will need a hardware synth for speakup during the install.
That's how I installed.  Because I have an old accent sa, I use a software synth
even with speakup.  The espeakup package will allow speakup direct access to
The Lenny installer with speakup only supports hardware synth, but I believe
Squeeze will use speakup with espeakup.

Orca, the Gnome screen reader, can only use software synths.
The software synth used most lately is espeak.  Espeak is already a Debian package.


On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 07:04:07AM -0700, David Hoff Jr wrote:
> I have downloaded the Gnome 5.0.4 version for I386.  The installation
> instructions speak about using hardware synthasizers but say nothing
> about any built in software synthasizers.   Do I need a hardware
> synthasizer to use Debian or what do I need to do to use a software
> synthasizer?  My wife has helped me experiment with the live CD but it
> appears there is not a software synthasizer available from the live CD.
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