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Re: Bug#579167: tasksel: is it really necessary to install gnome-accessibility on each and every system?


In short: yes.

This precise matter has been discussed in bug #471410

Fabian Greffrath, le Sun 25 Apr 2010 22:57:34 +0200, a écrit :
> Hi,  one of the first things that I do on each freshly installed Debian desktop
> system is deinstalling the gnome-accessibility packages, i.e. dasher, gok and
> gnome-orca plus all of their dependencies.

Why? (this is really a question, not rant) Is space on disk the matter?
In the discussion it was considered not so heavy, compared to all the
stuff that the gnome task brings.

> The reason is, I am lucky enough to not depend on any of these
> software for my daily work.

To tell the truth: not yet... The older we live, the more likely we all
have disabilities some day.

> On the other hand I wonder (and this is really more of a question than
> a statement) if it is really necessary to have all these packages
> installed by default?


> I mean, is it possible at all for a person with disabilities to
> install Debian and use it from d-i on without the help of another
> person?

Yes. That's precisely the work we've been doing through the latest

> And if the answer is "no", couldn't we expect this helping person to
> also install all the necessary accessibility packages, too?

This is part of the story, but even in that case that person may not
even know what to install.

Also, think about public boxes.  If Debian isn't installing these by
default, there is very little chance that a person needing them will see
them installed by default in public places etc., ready to be used.

> Please reconsider if gnome-accessibility does have to get installed by
> default.

This has been considered already, please bring new arguments, else the
decision has no reason to change.

> Please don't get me wrong, but I believe the number of computer users
> with disabilities who can use their computer ad-hoc just because
> gnome-accessibility is installed is rather low.

Not really a reason for not filling their needs, however.  Do not forget
that in the situation of these users, it's most of the time quite hard
to get the packages installed, for instance because it's a public box
with no direct contact with the admin to explain him what is needed, or,
if the user has some administration rights on the machine, just because
the user needs these packages to be able to install them!

> If you find this bug report inappropriate, please feel free to close
> it.

Well, I'd say it is a duplicate of #471410.  I wonder where we could add
some reference to it so that this issues gets answered immediatly in the


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