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Re: Problems with Squeeze alpha1 in qemu

Mario Lang <mlang@delysid.org> writes:

> I am trying to run the new squeeze alpha1 installer under qemu with
> -curses.  Apparently, the new installer forces a graphical
> boot menu which results in -curses of qemu not working as expected,
> i.e. qemu reports the system switched to 640x480.

Meanwhile, I found a soltuion to my own question:
Once the bootloader has started, hit "h" followed by the return key
to enter the "help screen" which also switches isolinux out of
graphics mode into plain good old text-mode.

Then, enter "install vga=normal fb=false" to launch the
installer in good old plain text mode.  It is not enough to
pass "fb=false", "vga=normal" is also necessary to have qemu -curses
work together with d-i.


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