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Re: mathematics and paraplegia

On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 09:12:12PM +0100, Bruno Mascret wrote:
> Is there a way to write mathematics when you are paraplegic?
> Is there a vocal solution? Or adapted possibilities with big switches
> and an adapted virtual keyboard?


In my experience (as a math major with cerebral palsy) many disabled
people use LaTeX with an editor to write math(s). I use Emacs and
AUCTeX with YaSnippet, but everything really depends on the specific
person's needs. It's possible to define device specific keymaps in
editors for any special needs one may have. Something based on plain
text like LaTeX or Lout is probably the best place to look since
you'll only need a suitable text editor. You should probably talk to
the user about what (s)he needs before recommending anything specific.


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