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Vinux CLI 2.1: dna, std and max editions!

I am happy to announce the release of Vinux CLI 2.1 which is now available
in three different versions: The 'dna' version is a minimal Debian system
which only has five additional applications installed: the speakup screenreader
the remastersys installer, the wodim iso burning tool and the aptitude package
manager. It weighs in at just under 200MB and is aimed at advanced users who
want to build their own customised installation and/or distribution from 
scratch. The 'std' version is a standard Vinux CLI system with a range of 
basic desktop applcations including the lynx internet browser, the nano text 
editor, the mutt e-mail client, the midnight commander file manager and the 
pdmenu application launcher. This is just under 400MB in size and is aimed at 
intermediate users who may want to customise the standard version by adding 
extra applications. The 'max' version is a full CD's worth on command line
applications containing as many useful desktop tools and utiliies that I could
find in the Debian repositories. This aimed at users who want a ready made CLI
system with all the bells and whistles! Both the 'std' and max' editions have
the Vinux single character command aliases and a menu system which allows
uers to browse and run installed applications. Entering 'm' will open the menu,
entering 'h' will bring up a help file which lists all of the keyboard 
shortcuts and installed applications. These new versions were all built with 
the new Vinux build script which is included in the /root folder of each 
edition. You can use this to install pre-selected suites of applications or 
modify it to build your own customised system. This is also available as a 
seperate download if you want to modify an existing version of Debian. 

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