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Vinux 2.0 Command Line Interface Edition - Release Announcement

Vinux 2.0 Command Line Interface Edition - Release Announcement

I am happy to announce the release of the CLI Edition of Vinux 2.0 !

The CLI edition comes in the form of an installable live CD which provides
a console only version of Debian Lenny 5.03 with Speakup installed and enabled 
by default. This editon is aimed at intermediate and advanced users
and perhaps beginners who want an easy introduction to the command line 
interface. It was inspired by GRML, but is aimed specifically at VI desktop 
users rather than sighted sysadmins. It comes with over a thousand packages
installed covering all of the main catagories: editors, browsers, mail clients,
text-based games and lots of utilities etc. It also features over 60 single
character command aliases for all of the most common commands e.g. 'm' for menu,
'i' for internet, 'e' for editor etc. To see a full list just type 'h' to view 
the help file or 'a' to see a list of all of the alias commands. You can find 
the iso and some documentaion at: 


Have Fun!


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